Minority-Owned Business Box

Minority-Owned Business Box

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Pipcorn - Heirloom Popcorn

Ancient Provisions - Grain-Free Crackers

Fillo's - Puerto Rican Rice and Grandules

Symphony - Potato Chips

Bija Bhar - Resilience Turmeric Elixer

Three Sisters Meats- Dried Chorizo

Triple A Gourmet - Chin Chin

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Loved It!

I bought one of the minority-owned business boxes to split with my girlfriend, and we loved every snack! Her favorite ones were the Fillo's Cuban Black Beans and the Spanish chorizo, but my favorite was the Symphony potato chips - they were excellently seasoned. We ordered the black-owned business box, and we're excited to try it when it arrives!

Support Minority-Owned Businesses

This month we're highlighting Minority-owned food and beverage entrepreneurs who ventured out to start their own business and created amazingly delicious and healthy products. Discover your new favorite chips, crackers, snacks, and more.


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Meet The Makers

Pipcorn - Heirloom Sea Salt Popcorn 

Pipcorn is a family business that started when co-founder Jen Martin shared some recently-discovered heirloom popcorn with her brother, Jeff. His immediate reaction was “We have to sell this!” The shells were incredibly delicate and the flavor was like nothing Jeff ever had. After much thinking, strategizing, and snacking, Jeff, his wife Teresa, and sister Jen decided to go all-in and turn these special heirloom popcorn kernels into a family business.

Pipcorn offers four lines, Heirloom Popcorn, Heirloom Cheese Balls, Heirloom Corn Dippers, and Heirloom Crackers, all of which are gluten-free and Non-GMO Project Verified. All of these snacks are inspired by childhood favorites and reimagined with heirloom corn to create better-for-everyone, modern alternatives. Pipcorn’s key ingred;ient, the heirloom corn kernel, is delicate, tasty, and easy to digest.

Ancient Provisions  - Grain Free Crackers

Ancient Provisions is your new favorite comfort snack food brand. We’re focused on making snacking fun again, starting with our version of cheezits. Delightfully crunchy and craveable, our vegan cheddar cheezish crackers are made from a wholesome blend of green banana flour, cassava flour, sunflower oil and savory spices. The best part? We use green bananas.

Why Green Bananas? They are Prebiotic and Gut Health Boosting, Grain-Free, Top 8 Allergen Free, and Prebiotic. It’s okay to go bananas 😊 Let’s do more as a bunch!

Fillo's - Puerto Rican Rice and Grandules

My brother and I are Cuban-Panamanian Americans, with extended family from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States. We started our company because some of the beloved Latin American foods from our childhood weren’t readily available. Our goal was to introduce a bold new product line that would offer something authentic to the broadest possible audience. In 2016 we did just that with FILLO'S, the first name in premium sofrito beans.

We value authenticity and convenience equally, and refuse to sacrifice either. Our beans are shelf-stable and ready-to-serve, but we use only fresh vegetables, olive oil, beans, water and spices. We are dedicated to keeping our labels clean and our products packed with nutrition.

Triple A Chin Chin - West African Snacks

Triple A Gourmet Treats began with a mother’s desire to share the delicious West African Treats she grew up eating with her children, and the world. Known by a number of names, CHIN CHIN crunchy dough bites are best enjoyed when sudden cravings hit or paired with coffee, tea, mimosa and wine.

From our kitchen to yours, Triple A Gourmet Treats are curated and crafted to indulgently cure those sugary cravings. With pride and a concentration on exceptional service, we strive to bring the tastiest African delicacies to dinner tables, catered celebrations and gift baskets worldwide.

Irresistibly sweet and mouthwateringly delicious chin chin crunchies are totally crave-worthy. Individually handmade using a traditional recipe with West African origins. These delectable fried goodies are best enjoyed during holidays spent in the company of family and friends. Pair them with coffee, tea or wine to treat your taste buds with an indulging gourmet experience.

Symphony - Potato Chips

Symphony Chips were developed by Andre’ Anderson, a retired Las Vegas Chef and his two daughters. While working on the infamous Las Vegas strip, he developed a 28 herb and spice blend that caught the attention of patrons and fellow chefs alike. It wasn't until he put it on homemade potato chips that people began to notice its unique flavor. Thus, Symphony Chips was born. A gourmet potato chip with a harmonious blend of flavors in every bite.

Symphony chips are gluten-free, vegan, and made with all-natural ingredients.

Bija Bhar - Resilience Turmeric Elixir 

Three Sisters Meats- Dried Chorizo

Chorizo has been made in Spain for hundreds of years with a variety of different recipes, all of which have one main commonality - pimentón, the fiery red pepper from the province of Extremadura that gives Spanish chorizo its distinctive color, smell and most importantly, taste. What sets Three Sisters chorizo apart from any currently made and sold in the U.S. is we have the most authentic recipe on the market - a recipe that comes from the hills of León and has been passed down in my family for generations. This is more than just a recipe for chorizo, it is centuries of tradition and culture that have sustained families like mine through the cold Northern winters and long days of summer harvest.

We make traditional Spanish-style dry cured chorizo using our multigenerational family recipe, using only 100% sustainably raised pork shoulder and seven ingredients, with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors and zero sugar. Our chorizo is a clean-label, USDA approved product, handmade in Richmond, California, using the highest-quality craftsmanship to make a uniquely delicious and versatile product that can be used in any meal and incorporated into a variety of dishes.

Triple A Gourmet - Chin Chin

Chin Chin crunchy snacks are irresistibly sweet and mouth-wateringly delicious – a total crave-worthy treat. Individually handmade using a traditional recipe with West African origins, these delectable fried goodies are best enjoyed in the company of family and friends or paired with coffee, tea or wine. Treat your taste buds to an indulging gourmet experience. Chin Chin are Nigerian cookies, also known as “Ochomo” in Ghana, and are a popular crunchy snack in Africa made from dough that is fried. Triple A Gourmet Treats uses the finest ingredients and hand cuts each piece with love.

Emily's Foods - Paradise Icing Snax Pax. Gluten-Free Pretzels and Icing Dip

Emily D. Edwards is a former social worker in private practice turned Founder of Emily's Foods. During her own weight loss journey, she became frustrated with the lack of snacks, dips and icings options that was healthy, contained less sugar, more plant protein and convenient for her busy lifestyle. So Emily started making plant based icings:dips with pea protein powder to pair with her snacks in her kitchen and quickly realized that people who did not eat healthy icings and dips fell in love with them.

Our new product line, Paradise Snax Pax are convenient, organic better for you on the go snack packs. We created Paradise Snax Pax to be shared at home with your family and loved ones or for the busy on the go individual.