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In Celebration of:

Black History Month - February

Women's History Month - March

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Meet The Makers

Pure Confections - Fudge Squares

Bite-size, creamy and smooth fudge confections that melt in your mouth and satisfy your sweet cravings. Perfect edible and gluten allergy friendly gift for any special occasions, corporate events, and holidays. 

Jesebel, Pastry Chef & Owner of Pure Confections, was born and raised in the Philippines. She moved to New York after she graduated from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, where she studied Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management major in Culinary Arts. 

Supported by Hot Bread Kitchen

Shadeesha's Sweets - Navy Bean Cookies

My name is Regina, the creator of Shadeesha's Sweets Navy Bean Cookies. The making of these amazing cookies, I call, "The Best Cookies on Earth from the Earth", started from eating navy bean soup as part of our family's daily menu.

Navy Bean Cookies are a healthier option made with wholesome ingredients (original or vegan). You can literally live off the navy bean by itself. A healthy pleasure with organic strawberry, blueberry, orange marmalade, or ginger, just a drop on the top. How sweet is that!!

Supported by Hot Bread Kitchen

Janie's Life Changing Baked Goods - Pie Crust Cookies

Since 2015, Janie’s has been changing lives with baked goods. Baking holds a special place in owner Janie Deegan's heart as it gave her hope, strength and inspiration after she struggled with addiction and homelessness as a young adult. Janie started her business in 2015, and in 2021 opened her own storefront on NYC's Upper West Side.

Pie Crust cookies: Inspired by Janie’s quest to get the perfectly proportioned bite of pie she invented a cookie where each bite promises the perfect balance of flaky pie crust, filling, and buttery streusel. 

Supported by Hot Bread Kitchen

Nafi's - African Peanut Sauce

Nafis starts as a partnership with a Mother Nafissatou (home cook and painter) and her Daughter Bintou a classic trained chef. We decide to create a brand of products to introduce easy to use African inspired cooking sauce to the stores. At first we start selling at small green market around the city on the weekend. We had great feedbacks so we went ahead and reach out to the hot bread kitchen as a production kitchen. 

Nafi is a line of all natural sauces and marinades with bold exotic flavors, honest and versatile. You can eat it cold or hot since it's only vegetables, fruits and spices. The peanut sauce is an easy starter for any meal using chicken or vegetables.

Supported by Hot Bread Kitchen

Fauzia's Heavenly Delights - Jerk Seasoning

Established in 1994, Fauzia’s Heavenly Delights was started by Fauzia Abdur- Rahman after much encouragement from her mother. Not feeling fully supported mentally or physically from her corporate job, Fauzia decided to take the recipes she knew from back home in Jamaica and start a food cart-- incorporating new spices, vegetable combinations, and vegetarian dishes she had discovered since moving to NYC. 

When Fauzia first started the business and began cooking Jerk Chicken for her customers she quickly realized the Jerk Seasoning found in stores was not up to par with what she was used to back home in Jamaica. Her mother encouraged her to develop a Jerk Seasoning of her own that delivers all the heat and flavor of authentic Jerk Seasoning without the need of the traditional charcoal grill. 

Supported by Hot Bread Kitchen

Maluli's Kitchen - Traditional Alfajores

Malulis’s kitchen is focused on bring a high quality baked goods using the best ingredients in the market. We are offering a traditional line and soon we are expanding to a gluten free-healthy line.

Alfajores are vanilla shortbread sandwich cookie filled with dulce de leche.

Supported by Start Small

Ting's - Jackfruit Chips

Tings Jackfruit Chips are made with only two ingredients, they're plant-based, gluten-free, contain no added sugar or preservatives, and have 70% less oil than regular chips. We harvest jackfruit at peak ripeness and use a low-temperature cooking method to preserve its uniquely high vitamin content. With its distinctive crunch and light sweetness, our jackfruit chips are ready to call your pantry home.

Ting's is a female founded, PoC owned company here to do our part in the fight against world hunger. We allocate 2% of our profits to find school lunches in Puok, Cambodia.
Supported by Start Small

Don Bugito - Alegrias Amaranth Squares

Don Bugito's inspiration comes directly from my cultural heritage. Growing up in Mexico exposed me to the culturally rich traditions of eating edible insects and their use as “power foods”. At Don Bugito we are committed to shaping the future by changing the way we eat. Our vision is simple, to rescue ancestral food practices and the use of clean ingredients by offering alternative protein snacks based on farmed edible insects and native American ingredients.

These Alegrias (Milk Chocolate Amaranth Bites) are simple and delicious. Using the ancient grain of Amaranth, these crunchy, milky, bites are satisfying without weighing you down. This is our first product that is insect-free, and fully focused on ancient organic grains.

Supported by Start Small

Brittle & Beyond - Hazelnut Brittle

Brittle & Beyond …we source the best natural, sophisticated ingredients — nuts, seeds, dried fruits and floral flavors — and hand-craft our Vegan Candy Brittle in small batches. Its unique texture is easy to chew and doesn’t stick to your teeth. Our Recipes are certified Vegan and we do not have any gluten in our ingredients.  

I uses only all-natural, plant-based ingredients, and add a creative touch by enhancing it with a unique combination of nuts, seeds, fruit and floral flavors. How did I choose candy brittle as my business? As luck would have it, I made pecan pie brittle for a PTA fundraiser. When people couldn’t stop raving about it, “Brittle & Beyond” was born!

Supported by Start Small

About Good Food Brands

Good Food Brands is a Black-Owned company that helps you discover uniquely delicious products by small, minority, and women-owned companies.

Gift a box to yourself, friends, family, and colleagues. 

Buy a Holiday Snack Box Curated by Hot Bread Kitchen

*** Pre-Order your box by November 12th for delivery by December 15th***

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