13 woman-owned food and beverage companies

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This Woman's History Month we've curated 13 woman-owned food and beverage companies to support. Good Food Brands is on a mission to help you discover minority and women owned companies. Each of these makers created delicious products that inspired by foods they loved as children, foods that represent their culture, or foods that are just delicious to eat! Read our profile of each founder to learn about their story.


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Meet The Makers

Siete Foods - Gluten-Free Tortilla Chips

Siete Foods tortilla chips are grain-free and gluten-free, made for everyone to enjoy. The company makes grain-free Mexican staple foods including tortillas, chips, salsas, and seasonings.

Siete Family Foods was born when Veronica Garza's family helped her overcome a series of major health challenges. As a Mexican-American family from South Texas, the tacos and fajitas that they used to enjoy on flour and corn tortillas just didn’t taste the same on a lettuce leaf! So she began making grain-free tortillas for her family, and they loved them. Veronica knew she had something really special when her Grandma Campos told her that the tortillas tasted better than the homemade flour tortillas she’d made for decades!

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Nemi Holisticks - Crunchy Snacks made from Nopales

Nemi Holisticks are crunchy plant-based snacks that make the perfect mid-day treat. They are made from simple ingredients and come in tasty flavors.

Regina started Nemi Holisticks with the idea of combining her 3 passions: health, transparency and LOVE for chips. She moved to Chicago, while maintaining her roots to Mexico through her passions for food, health and connecting with people. Regina decided to bring un poquito de México with her by combining two of her favorite Mexican superfoods, amaranth seeds and nopal (cactus), into one real, simple, crunchy and delicious snack!

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Ayo Foods - West African Foods

In West Africa, Ayo means joy. The company was founded by Fred and Perteet Spencer, a husband and wife team to bring West African flavors into homes across America. Ayo makes a range of frozen meals and simmer sauces for cooking at home. 

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Revol Snax - Almond Butter Protein Bites

Revol Snax are protein bites that are low-carb, plant-based, and contain no sugar. Their products use clean, high-quality ingredients to create snacks with truly low-carb nutrition, and they are uncompromisingly delicious.

Revol Snax was started by Nadine and Dave after discovering a shared interest in their love for food and nutrition. They started exploring healthier lifestyles to maintain high energy, mental clarity, and promote longevity. Nadine grew up in Colombia (South America) where she developed a passion for entrepreneurship from an early age (she opened a hair salon at her school playground at age 6!).

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True Scoops - Blender Ready Ice Cream Mix

Shelly and Kelly founded True Scoops to make it easy for people to make delicious ice cream at home, with or without an ice cream maker! They are obsessed with making ice cream and we have made every single mistake in the book in our 15 years of ice cream making experience. True Scoops was created because they want you to make insanely delicious, fresh ice cream without all the fuss. Your time is important and it should be spent contemplating what kind of sundae you’re going to have. 

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Agua Bonita - Real Fruit Agua Frescas

Hi! We're Kayla and Erin. We met working for Good Use, a cold-pressed juice company that makes juice out of surplus and ugly produce. Inspired by perfectly delicious, fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste, and fueled by a passion to create something culturally authentic, unique, better for the planet (no plastic!), and beautiful - Agua Bonita was born. Our core company value is authenticity: we want to be 100% real, all the time - in our ingredients, in what we do, and who we are. Together, we plan to bring the benefits of real, fresh produce to your door - anywhere you live, in a pretty can.

The first 100% real fruit aguas frescas, ready-to-drink anytime, anywhere. Made with real pineapple juice and cucumber essence, it's basically like drinking out of a pineapple on the beach - but way more convenient.

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Gwell - Plant Based Functional Foods

Fawziyya Sugai started gwell with the goal of making more approachable wellness foods available for all. Gwell bites started as a snack she made at home for herself and became a snack her friends and family stole from her frequently. She selected ingredients to help with issues she faced herself, from hormonal imbalance, skin issues, to stress and restlessness. Using natural options she helped herself to find better balance in her life. As a self-proclaimed workaholic who preaches self-care she felt that everyone should have healthy options to find balance.

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Partake Foods - Allergen Friendly Cookies

Partake Foods is a mom-run, minority-owned company that makes delicious, nutritious, allergy-friendly cookies designed to provide peace of mind to those with dietary restrictions and simple enjoyment to those without. Food allergies were never top-of-mind for Denise, but when her daughter, Vivienne, began eating solid foods, it suddenly became clear she had several. And just as suddenly, their lives began to change. Denise set out to find the healthy, allergy-friendly snacks we'd need to fuel their active lifestyle, but came away from stores frustrated and mystified. So she set out to create her own. Partake products are deliciously made for just about everyone - from those with restrictions to those who simply want to eat more healthfully.

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Paradise Snax - Pretzel and Icing Dip

Emily Edwards is a former social worker in private practice turned Founder of Emily's Foods. During her own weight loss journey, she became frustrated with the lack of snacks, dips, and icings options that were healthy, contained less sugar, more plant protein, and were convenient for her busy lifestyle. So Emily started making plant-based icings: dips with pea protein powder to pair with her snacks in her kitchen and quickly realized that people who did not eat healthy icings and dips fell in love with them.

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Ms. P's G Free - Gluten-free Granola and cookies

Ms. P’s Gluten-free founder and CEO Lisa Marsh wants to make the gluten-free world a tastier place. A Chicago native, her gluten-free baked goods are so popular with friends and family that she decided to start a business. Ms.P’s Gluten-free is lovingly dedicated to Mrs. P-Youlas Patterson-Brown, mother and mentor, whose creative home-cooking and gentle leadership has been a constant source of inspiration.

Ms. P's Gfree’s Granola is an enjoyable blend that allows you more energy, and curbs your appetite without the sugar crash!

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Pipcorn - Heirloom Popcorn and Snacks

Pipcorn is a family business that started when co-founder Jen Martin shared some recently-discovered heirloom popcorn with her brother, Jeff. His immediate reaction was "We have to sell this!" The shells were incredibly delicate and the flavor was like nothing Jeff ever had. After much thinking, strategizing and snacking, Jeff, his wife Teresa, and sister Jen decided to go all-in and turn these special heirloom popcorn kernels into a family business.

This classic Sea Salt Popcorn is made with just three ingredients: popcorn, sunflower oil and sea salt so you can feel great about snacking on it nonstop! Plus 40% less fat and 20% fewer calories per serving compared with the leading salty popcorn!

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Do Well - Craft Mixing Syrups

Do Well is a husband and and wife team making delicious mixing syrups used for cocktails or mocktails. Add to your favorite sparkly water or liquid for a craft flavor.

Handcrafted syrups made with real strawberries, fresh basil, and pure cane sugar that allow versatility with your culinary creations. Use for Craft Cocktails & Mocktails, Craft Sodas, Culinary Glazes & Sauces, Dessert Topping, Flavored Waters, Tea Flavoring. Non-Alcoholic

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Gr8nola - Crunchy Superfood Granola

Founded by Olympic Trials Swimmer & ex-techie Erica Liu Williams, Gr8nola is delicious, low-sugar granola made with unique and functional superfoods. Gr8nola was born in Erica's kitchen during a cleanse, tested and proven at the farmers market, and voted into the pantries of Silicon Valley's biggest tech companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook and more.

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