Corporate Gifting Solution: Giving Gifts That Give Back

By Mariah Bourne

Corporate gifting is a fantastic way for brands to promote themselves and build relationships with potential customers. But how can you make it even better? By giving gifts that give back! This article will discuss what corporate gifting solutions are available and how they can help your business.

Gift Exchange

Gift exchange is a fun way to get the whole office involved in giving and receiving gifts. It's a great way to show appreciation for your employees, clients, and vendors. Some of our favorite ways to make gift exchanges flourish include: Encourage employees to participate by providing incentives such as prizes or bonuses.Organize gift exchanges on specific days so everyone can choose their gifts ahead of time. Then, gather together for an evening of gift-giving fun.If you're looking to increase morale even further, consider hosting an event where coworkers can exchange gifts with clients and vendors from other companies.

Partnering With A Cause

Choosing a cause to support is a great way to give and show your company's commitment to philanthropy. The cause should always align with your brand, mission, values, or community.

  • Find a cause that aligns with your brand: Your charitable donations should reflect the image of your company. If your company is big on promoting diversity and inclusion, highlight it through the causes you support!
  • Find a cause that aligns with your mission: Consider supporting an organization whose stated goal is similar to yours—even if it isn't something directly related to what you sell.

Giving Back Year Round

Giving back is an essential corporate social responsibility, and it’s easy to incorporate the spirit of giving into your business. Gifts that give back can be given year-round, making them a great way to show appreciation.

One way to implement corporate giving is through a company campaign. A company might choose to donate money or products towards a charitable cause every month, or it could host annual events that help raise awareness about issues in different communities.

You can also incorporate corporate giving through gift baskets. Similar to employee holiday gifts and customer appreciation gifts, corporate gift baskets can include several items depending on what kind of message your organization wants to convey.

Choosing The Right Gift

Let’s face it: people love to receive gifts, but not all gifts are created equal. You want to give gifts that people will be happy to receive. Here are a few guidelines for choosing the best gifts that give back:

  • Give a memorable gift: Make sure the gift you give has a powerful impact on the recipient.
  • Give a gift that will be shared: The best way to ensure your gift is used is to get others involved in its distribution by giving it away as part of an event or promotion where your clients are likely to see each other (think conferences).
  • Give a gift that will be used regularly—not just once or twice before being forgotten in the bottom drawer!

Gifting options don’t have to be generic, boring, or wasteful. Consider giving gifts that give back to make your gifting experience more rewarding and more meaningful. When you give a gift that gives back, it can be a great way to show someone you care and build brand awareness at the same time. Your business will be able to contribute in a meaningful way while also providing value in the form of entertainment or convenience—a win-win!

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