Camping Snacks By Asian-Owned Brands For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

By Mariah Bourne

In the spirit of camping season, many are getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors. Whether taking a break from your hectic nine to five or spending time building connections with your employees, outdoor activities like camping and hiking are some of the best ways to savor the summer. Fueling your adventures with healthy camping snacks makes taking in the outdoors that much better.

Choosing The Best Camping Snacks

Traditional snacks like beef jerky, chips, and trail mix probably come to mind when thinking of camping snack ideas. But, you don’t want to ruin the health benefits of being in nature with snacks filled with excessive sugar, salt, and questionable additives. What you choose to eat should nourish your body after a long day of fun and give you energy for the next.

You can cross camping snacks off your to-do list with our Good Food Brands curated boxes. If you want delicious, healthy camping snacks but don’t have time to rummage through the snack aisle, purchasing one of our curated boxes is a great option. You’ll be able to fill up on camping snacks that are good for your taste buds, good for your health, and good for your community. 

The Ultimate Asian-Owned Brands Box

Choosing one of our curated boxes always benefits minority-owned businesses. The Ultimate Asian-Owned Brands Box contains healthy choices created by AAPI-owned businesses. It’s almost as if this box is meant for a camping trip. There are even options to create bold and flavorful dinners inside. All the brands offer nutritious and delicious goodies that are vegan and gluten-free.

The Ultimate Asian-Owned Brands Box might be a bit biased towards tea lovers. 

Tea Drops, an organic, dissolvable, whole-leaf tea, offers a bagless tea perfect for reducing waste while camping. You can try various flavors such as Matcha, Citrus Ginger, Rose Earl Grey, and Sweet Peppermint. If you’re more of an iced tea fan, try out Twrl, a vegan, aged Jasmine milk tea, or Teatulia, a pure green tea. If tea isn’t your thing, Root Elixirs Strawberry Lavender Soda is a refreshing option to enjoy as a soda, mocktail, or cocktail.

The Ultimate Asian-Owned Brands Box takes an interesting spin on all your favorite camping snacks, from jerky to nuts. Pan’s Applewood BBQ Mushroom Jerky is an organic jerky alternative high in fiber and vitamin D and made from shitake mushrooms. Karma Nuts Peri Peri Crunchy Wrapped Cashews pack a bold and nutritious punch with two times the fiber as regular cashews. An excellent choice if you’re looking for delicious chips with 35 percent less fat than potato chips is Dang Sriracha Spice Thai Rice Chips.

This box also includes some out-of-the-box options for your meal around the campfire. You can add Omsom Korean Spicy Bulgogi Starter Sauce to any protein and transform your meal in less than 20 minutes. If you’re in a pasta mood, The Only Bean 100% black bean Fettuccine is perfect to fuel up on protein and nutrients after a day of enjoying the outdoors. With three times the protein, six times the fiber, and six times fewer carbs than traditional Fettuccine, you won’t feel guilty after indulging in this pasta.

Support Asian-Owned Business

Take a new spin on camping snacks with The Ultimate Asian-Owned Brands Box. When you shop with Good Food Brands, you support small business owners whose products and communities are commonly overlooked. It feels good to know that you’re choosing healthy options for yourself and your community. Check out The Ultimate Asian-Owned Brands Box and our other curated boxes here