About Good Food Brands

Hi, I'm Jordan, founder of Good Food Brands.

I want to take a second to reintroduce myself to you and thank you for being part of our community. 

Growing up in Chicago, I was always surrounded by food. My mom is a chef, and lucky for me, she used me as a taste tester while she was in culinary school. I learned that food is one of the most important things in our lives, it’s what brings us together and keeps us going.

But we often don’t pay enough attention to where our food comes from, the companies behind it, or its nutritional value.

When I got older, I learned the importance of eating healthier foods. The foods we eat are the only source of nutrients our bodies have to grow the cells we need to thrive.

I also became an advocate of supporting small business owners who make up the fabric of our communities.

Because sometimes, we’re only reaching for food that tastes good, and might not necessarily be good for us, both our health and our overall communities.

I started thinking...why can’t we have it all?

So, Good Food Brands was born.

Good Food Brands is just that, food from brands that is really really good.

And I don’t just mean good for your taste buds. I mean good for your health and good for your community.

I only work with brands whose mission aligns with the Good Food Brands vision:

😋 Good For Your Taste Buds: We believe that food should be delicious and enjoyable and everything in the box goes through our taste curation team.

🥬 Good For Your Health: We believe that food should be nourishing to the body and mind. Everything in our boxes are made with natural and healthier ingredients.

🌐 Good For Your Community: We believe that good business should be good for our community, and we work with businesses that strive to have a social or environmental impact.

All of the products are handpicked and placed into curated boxes for you to choose from each quarter.

When I created Good Food Brands, I wanted people like you to be able to explore different foods from brands you may or may not have heard about. And, to be able to get the full flavor without the unnecessary unhealthy ingredients.

I invite you to come along this journey with me by visiting trying one of our new:

Sweet & Salty Snack Box

Black-Owned Brands Box

Women-Owned Brands Box